Whitiening Faical Gel 100G

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Turning care and attention whitening all-in-one gel corresponding to turning skin. Urumai maintenance + standard sense of balance care. Wakan beauty ingredient strategy very carefully selected from Japanese women's skin research, offers water with Wan's Japanese cosmetic ingredients. Whitening active ingredient Tranexamic acid formulation, enters also to the stratum corneum. Suppress melamine creation preventing stains and freckles. Prescription that considers your skin. Certainly no smell, dyes. Whitening: suppress the formation of melanin, protect against spots, freckles. The way to use: After cleansing your face, have an appropriate amount as well as apply to all reas of the face. If you are intending to utilize lotion or perhaps milk lotus and also, use all-in-one gel by the end. You can make use of it for morning or perhaps night cleaning.

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