U Moisture Refill 50G

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Although it is dense, it is light. To your skin and this will probably be exposed to the threat of a variety of damage including drying from inside and outside, rich and fresh moisturizing veil is put together, supple and faintly lustrous skin. Focusing on the path of water throughout the skin, Keinpin booster mixed. By being loaded with moisture up to all stratum corneum, it brings about refreshing skin like brightly fighting off from the inside. Proprietary huge moisturizing ingredients. Dense drinking water jelly formulation. Dependant upon the scientific knowledge which often skin which is lovely is generally drawn out in the water setting, the moisturizing ingredient that Orbis who has been thoroughly examined for more than 30 years staying with the performance of water is compacted water jelly. Despite the fact that it is an aqueous component, the rich and rich feeling is as if vaseline. Deliver enough moisture for the rear side of our skin. Includes oats along with kernel extract as an elastic factor. It's as if it was like a hot water lumpy and safe for the skin.

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